“Bang for your Buck” Series 1: What car in the $2,000 / month range?


Apr 30


This is an opinion piece prepared by Luke Matias and his love for cars does occasionally change month to month.  At $2,000 per month with a 25-30% residual over 5 years, this puts you in the $125-140k range. His picks across three categories of cars are as follows:

Sports Car

Porsche 718 Boxster S Auto

Over the past 4-5 years the Porsche Boxster S has been all the sports car that you’ll ever need, and that is why it is absolutely my choice in this price range. Once the 718 was released about 12 months ago, which is the latest model of the Porsche Boxster S, it has just solidified my opinion. They are wonderful cars to drive, they have such a great feeling when you’re on the road. Mid mounted engine, meaning you’ve got all the handling you could ever need. It just feels like you could just go around corners – in fact it is so much fun you could just go around roundabouts all day in these things! One pre-requisite though, must have the PSE (Performance Sports Exhaust), an option that will aid resale, and more importantly sound incredible!  So well balanced, they are actually a really practical sports car as well as they have a huge front boot and a rear boot, which can fit golf clubs in it for those out there. It is a two seater, it is a genuine sports car, and it is a genuine fun car.

They look great. Feel great. Sound great. Absolutely my choice.




BMW M3 Competition F80

For my choice in Sedans at this price range I have gone for the BMW M3 Competition Pack. This is a cracking car and the M3’s have been in the market for many many years now and they are still doing so so well. The M3 as a family car is great – it has the ISOFIX in the back seats and you can put kiddy seats in the back, it is a genuine sedan yet at the same time it is really a genuine sports car. Value for money at that sort of $130-140,000 mark, I really don’t think there is anything that touches this. Its competitors are ether slightly lesser or slightly more expensive and these are just fantastic cars. Great looking. Can be driven as an everyday car or they can be driven on the edge – it’s a 4 second 0-100 beast, except driving around in traffic it just feels so comfortable. This is my choice for the sedan at $2,000 / month.




Mercedes GLE43 Wagon

Mercedes did something very smart about 8/9 months ago. They released a mid way engine between their regular models and their 63 AMG models. The GLE43 AMG is just that – it sits right in the middle and it looks every bit as impressive as the GLE63 AMG yet without the price tag. New you’re looking at $2,000 per month quite comfortably. And it just looks great, it sounds magnificent. As we all know, AMG have absolutely nailed the exhaust note in the last 3-4 years and this has that exhaust. Maybe not 100% of the 63 AMG but certainly 80/90% and that is good enough for the roads. It is wonderful there’s the burbling and crackling coming out of the exhaust. It is fast, it is economical and it just looks wonderful. Now I would choose the wagon over the coupe because of the rear view issue – I have a Labrador and he would kill me if I chopped off half of his boot space to be quite honest with you. The sloped boot, even though it looks nice, and allows the car to handle better it is lacking in boot size and space for your furry friends. The GLE43 was such a great innovation by the team at Mercedes – they have plugged the hole in the middle of the market and I am a big fan.


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