How big is your…TV?

From a personal perspective, “can your TV ever really be big enough to watch finals footy?!”  Well put your ‘business hat’ on for a minute, I ask a similar question “can your brand ever really be prominent enough in an open environment?!”

In a new world of interactive, digital pieces with a constant effort to make them flow together and correctly tell your story, AV Equipment in businesses from a marketing point of view really is becoming more popular and vital.  Gone are the days where a well designed graphic or poster on a wall is sufficient.  Now business wants more.  Rather than one highlighted graphic, why not have many graphics animated on screen?  Rather than promoting one product, why not promote your whole portfolio?!

Business owners in Australia are obviously getting on board this transition as the six months to the end of FY17, the Matias Group has never financed so many AV rollouts for businesses in multiple industires.  More screens, more businesses asking for them and with pricing coming down…what better time to jump on board?!

Embedded is a picture of taking the whole idea to the extremes.  Our great friends and clients over at South Pacific Health Clubs decided one screen just wasn’t big enough…so we customised a ‘Wall of Screens’.  9 large LED screens together on a wall, allowing them to softly, yet prominently project any story they wish.  For their members, whether you are watching the ‘TV’ or whether you are passively aware of it in the background…the key is that you are aware of it.

Our role was to leverage our relationships with the Australian banks, ensuring we find the best available finance product, working with the client to confirm all tax-effectiveness was taken advantage of and managing the process to get the supplier paid on time so works/install could go ahead.

To learn more about the process, or meet some of our AV suppliers, please get in touch here.

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