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Mar 28

Being a lover of cars, my favourite day of the Grand Prix is Saturday – also known as spectator day where there are so many ongoing activities and fun things for car enthusiasts to do.

Matias Group were spoilt with a couple of tickets thanks to ULR Land Rover and ULR Jaguar. We were positioned in the first chicane which gave us viewing point of the home straight – turns one and two – plenty of action, wipe outs, fantastic driving manoeuvres right in front of our eyes. After getting ourselves settled and seeing some practice rounds we decided to take up the Jaguar experience where we were escorted to a long line of Jaguar F Types. My weapon of choice for the day was the 5L V8 supercharged F Type R which sounds like a screaming dragon. Our driver Tony managed to defy the laws of AWD and still have the car sideways on corners. The beautiful lines of the F Type have never been more impressive than when holding on for dear life as a professional race car driver throws you around the Melbourne circuit. Such an impressive car, I have always been impressed by the look of the car, but that good looking little monster is the real deal and can certainly move well.

From there, Caro (friend, colleague and superstar from The Wooden Hangar) and I went for a stroll around the Porsche garage where we were treated to a preview of the new 911 GT2 RS. The fastest and most powerful 911 with approval for road use just makes you want to get out your wallet and spend the money (or finance it through Matias Group!).

From the Porsches back up to hospitality to say hello, regain our composure and enjoy the F1 cars screaming past us in final practice, the clouds of Melbourne caused the first air show to be cancelled so we took this opportunity to head to Land Rover and have the Land Rover Off Road “Discovery Experience”. We chose to learn more about the new Land Rover Discovery. The Turbo Diesel 6 HSE Luxury, the upgrade to the iconic Land Rover Discovery was going to keep us safe. And that it did! Attacking inclines of 35 degrees, declines of 45 degrees, and still having the composure to balance on two wheels on the uneven part of the track. The luxury interior defies the incredible off-road abilities of this 4WD masterpiece.

From there we contemplated doing the tyre change experience at Pirelli but then remembered garage mechanics are not my forte 😉 so we went back to base to enjoy the thrilling final qualifying for the 2018 Australian Grand Prix and a glass of champagne. Lewis Hamilton did not disappoint, taking a thrilling pole on his final lap.

Every year I am amazed at the technology that comes through Formula One into passenger cars, attending the Grand Prix I am reminded where my passion comes from. A fabulous experience at the track this year and a huge thanks to both ULR Land Rover and ULR Jaguar for making it possible. If anyone wants to know more about these incredible road cars, feel free to get in touch.


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