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I am fairly open about my interests, hobbies and my loves in life.  Fitness is one of my priorities and passions in life and I love becoming involved in areas that help the fitness journeys of people all over the world.

Conn Constantinou, a very impressive businessman shares a very similar mindset.  Conn is the owner of South Pacific Health Clubs (www.southpacifichc.com.au), a high-end Victorian (Australia) based group of fitness clubs.  I am very proud to say that I have been working with Conn for over a decade as his fitness vision has grown from one club, to seven, solidifying his market share and helping over 16,000 members reach their fitness and life goals.  This growth shows no signs of slowing down with other venues currently being targeted. Conn’s desire to give more people the tools to improve themselves is stronger than ever!

In the 11 years I have known Conn, and personally been a member at his clubs, my team have helped finance the development and expansion of current clubs, in addition to ensuring every new club represents the brand and pleases the members upon opening.  Below is a brief list of items we have funded along the journey:

  • Gym Equipment
  • Cars – Business owned AND for employees
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • POS and IT Solutions
  • Furniture and Club Fitouts

I have learned so much from watching, and being a part of the SPHC journey and I would class Conn as a close personal friend and mentor.  This is a perfect example of the long-term, relationship-based business I love surrounding myself with, and the thought that as a small part of Conn’s team, I have playing a part in helping so many people reach their goals, puts a smile on my face.

Love what you do every day.


p.s. here is a gift from us to start you on your fitness journey. Click here.

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