The typical rule of thumb in finance is you require hardware in the package to dilute the risk of software finance. Historically, funders ask for 80% hardware to 20% software which has always been fine – but what do you do in the current age where software is king? Cloud based servers, CRM systems, Management and Accounting software…

These software products are all now available on a basic $2,000 laptop. As a business owner think about what software is invested into your current laptop right now? I would go as far as to say I have $50,000 worth of software and licensing on my laptop right now. What business owners and software retailers may not know, is that we can now fully finance software, similar to how you would purchase a car.  Protecting cashflow, hedging against depreciation, and keeping the most up-to-date technology in your hands.  These are three points that you fully understand when talking about the financing of cars. At Matias Group we are now speaking about them in the same way, in the financing of 100% software packages.

A recent live example for us was for a medium sized business requiring 40 Netsuite Cloud based ERP Licenses, with no hardware.  As you all know I am an advocate of good business for all parties. In this case, the vendor wins – they get paid upfront for 3 years of software implementation and licensing. The client wins because they are able to afford, whilst protecting cashflow, the top level solution that they could hope for. In addition because the vendor is effectively getting paid upfront they may be happy to discuss potential discounts. And, we win because we put more smiles on more faces in more industries!

All round good business…changing the game of software finance.  Talk to us about how.


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